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I love the DBSK!

-One day you wake and saw yourself in the mirror and said," I look different"

My name is Ngoc, but a lot of people called me Kia or Knockie ^_^ since Ngoc are a bit harder to pronounce. Overall, I am a nice person. I will treat you nicely if you do the same ^_^.

Umm..I like hot guys and I love hot guy with great hair! I mean, who wouldn't right?

I love the DBSK! They are such a great band! They are such a talented lil band with five hotties! I am happy to have found them because they made my day and make me laugh with their silliness. Aside from the DBSK, I also love the Arashi. Just recently, I watch few funny videos that my friend sent me to watch just to ease my boredom, and I fell in love with one of the member of arashi ever since ^_^ They are so funny with their dorkiness. If any of you a DBSK and Arashi fan, add me as friend so we can talk about them ^_^!!